Garments, home linen & upholstery

Laundromania is a professional laundry and dry cleaning service provider. Based on the wash care label and the type of fabric, we clean the garments and household items with high quality processes and safe chemicals. Removing stains is an integral part of the cleaning process and we employ state-of-the techniques and chemicals from Seitz GMBH.

Steam Press Services in Mumbai

Steam Press

Laundromania provides professional ironing services. We use the steam press to straighten the wrinkles in your clothes and don’t directly apply hot plate like it’s done in traditional ironing, which damages the fabric. In our pressing process, we ensure hot metal iron plate does not come into direct contact with the fabric thus ensuring the longevity of the same.

Shoes, bags and leather

We use state-of-the-art cleaning and polishing agents from Germany to restore your shoes and leather bag articles to its original beauty. Shoes go through significant wear and tear and our cobbler will do their best to repair some of the damage if requested.


We understand that you always have need to making some modifications to your clothes and we are here to help you with that.


If you have accidentally torn your garment, we are happy to fix it by darning in cases where it’s possible.

Instant service

If ever you have an urgent need for ironing service or dry cleaning services, we will do our best to spring into action and support you within a few hours.

Free pickup & drop

We provide free pickup and drop services in the cities like Mumbai and Dehradun where we operate.