About us

Premier Laundry & Dry cleaning services

We provide the highest quality care to your belongings with environmentally safe and sustainable practices. We are high quality professionally run laundry and dry cleaning services company. We provide shoe cleaning, bag cleaning and leather cleaning services along with cleaning of garments and household items. We also provide alteration and darning services. We provide free pick up and drop services in areas we operate. We also provide express dry-cleaning, ironing and shoe cleaning services in cities like Mumbai and Dehradun with maximum 4-hour processing time.

Our experts in stain removal and washing give their best to clean your garments, shoes and bags with gentle chemicals that are environmentally friendly. We use the equipment and cleaning agents from Europe and our machinery uses state-of-the-art technologies. We make the processes safe and secure by using a process control software that individually tags each item and monitors them as the items are cleaned. We do not use carcinogenic chemicals like Perchloroethylene (PERC), which most cleaners in India use and are banned in the US and EU. Our drying process is gentle and matched to the garment based on how much heat and mechanical movement the delicate garment can handle.

The World of Steam Pressing

Our steam pressing stations that are from Italy, breathe a new life into your garments. We have designed various accessories to ensure that your pressed fabric will be ready to wear when you need them. The accessories are ecologically sensible and sustainable.

Laundromania provides shoe cleaning and bag cleaning services. We clean, repair, and restore your favorite shoes and bags collections using globally leading products, methods, and equipment.