Our Process

Our Process

We use lagoon® Advanced Care technology from Electrolux, a near 100-year-old European appliances leader. Lagoon® Advanced Care is a latest sustainable and eco-friendly technology for cleaning of ultra-delicate clothes without using any toxic chemicals. We use steam pressing stations that are manufactured in Italy by the global leaders in professional ironing, Trevil and Pony.



We first examine the clothes for any damages or stains that need to be removed and do the necessary pre-treatment to remove the stains. Each garment will go through customized process depending on the fabric, the dye and the condition of the cloth.



We clean the clothes post the pre-treatment, in a gentle and delicate process with non-toxic chemicals and delicate mechanical treatment to ensure the garment feels the least impact. We care for what happens to the garment while it is with us. We also care for your safety and our staff’s wellbeing and the environment and thus don’t use commonly used toxic chemicals (like PERC). Our bio-degradable chemicals are from Electrolux, Seitz, and Diversey, all leaders in cleaning for over 100-years from US and Europe. They are compliant with international environment standards EC91/155.



Our drying process is gentle and matched to the garment in how much heat and mechanical movement the delicate garment can handle. We use highly efficient LPG based dryers that are better for the environment and create less impact on global warming.



We steam press each cloth so that the threads open up and the garments breath better after the process. This also increases the life of the fabric as compared to conventional pressing where a very hot iron is pressed with force onto the fabric.



We have designed various accessories to ensure that your pressed fabric will be ready to wear when you need it. In designing these accessories, we have ensured these are ecological sensible and sustainable.