High Touch Approach for
Your Convenience

We strive to be the most customer focused dry cleaning services company. We understand the unique requirements for every customer and customise the overall experience for them. We maintain a high touch with the customers providing free pick up and drop services. We communicate with the customer using their preferable channel of communication and keep them updated on the status of dry cleaners at all times.

We use chemicals that are safe for you & our environment

Almost all Dry-cleaning in India is done with Tetrachloroethene (PERC), which has been classified by the United States government as a likely human carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer). Many countries have banned use of PERC for dry cleaning. We DO NOT USE PERC because we care for our customers and cannot expose you to a harmful substance. We use advanced and environmentally safe chemicals from SEITZ Gmbh from Germany, which has been supplying the best chemicals to clean garments and shoes from 1885.

We are the best in Stain Removal

We fully understand that it’s our job to remove the stains and want to assure you that we try our best. We have dedicated stain removing chemicals for nearly 80-100 different types of stains from SEITZ Gmbh from Germany (a global leader that has been developing and improving since 1885) and carefully gauge and try our best to remove the stains. Please recognize that despite our best efforts, we cannot always remove all stains. If we try too hard, we can also damage your precious garment and we thus try to be conservative.

Steam pressing

We use state-of-the-art steam pressing equipment from Poni and Trevil which are Italian companies who have been in business for decades. We don’t let hot iron plates come in contact with your precious fabric and damage it. Our presses have a Teflon protective cover which comes into contact with your fabric and we pass steam to gently open up the pores in your fabric, make them more breathable and at the same time relieve the wrinkles while retaining its softness and sheen.